Books and other sources of information

It is not possible to list all the articles in magazines and journals about the work of Marlene Neubauer-Woerner. Therefore  we present here only a selection of books and films giving an overview of the life and work of the artist.

Heinrich Neubauer, Marlene Neubauer-Woerner Skulpturen, München 1988

This catalogue (in German, black and white) contains selected sculptures from 1944 - 1988. The forword was written by Prof. Karel Macha, Karl´s University Prague. There is only a small number of copies left, which the artist only reluctantly provides. Therefore we cannot guarantee that art lovers can receive a copy. ( We are affraid, that you will need very good arguments to convince the artist to give away one of the rare copies. For a try write us a mail under )

Susanne Weiß, Kunstvermittlung und die „oral history“ der Künstler – dargestellt an Leben und Werk der Bildhauerin Marlene Neubauer-Woerner, Logos Verlag, Berlin 2006 (230 pages)

This book is only of value to those who understand German. It is the most comprehensive publication of the life and work of the artist. The author had access to a multitude of private and public archives and compares these sources with the oral history given by the artist in many interviews with the author. Especially interesting are the parts in which the author describes the circumstances in which artists lived during the Nazi, war and post-war periods. This book is available from Galerie Neubauer for 40,50 Euro plus postage and handling. (Please send a mail to

Galerie Neubauer, Marlene Neubauer-Woerner small statues, München 2006

This catalogue presents 53 small statues of Marlene Neubauer-Woerner (partly in colour, with descriptions in English, 57 pages). It covers the period from 1944 to 2006 and shows the wide range of themes the artist dealt with. For the experts it might be interesting, that many of the small statues served as sketches for  the great statues and monuments in the public space. This catalogue is available through the Galerie Neubauer for 26,-- Euro plus postage and handling. (Please send a mail to

Ludwig Collection Villa Massimo 1986-1988, student guests and honoured guests. Aachen 1989

Records the work of scholarship holders and honoured guests of the Villa Massimo in the period 1986 to 1988. Catalogue of the Ludwig Collection in German.

Otto Josef Bistritzky, Fountains in Munich-Living water in a city, Munich, Callway 1980

A book for lovers of Munich´s fountains. Several fountains by the artist are to be seen in this book.(A small extra tip for fountain fans. The web-site of Herr Greber presents an unbelievable number of  Munich fountains on the internet at

Television Film by Bavarian Radio:  Hitler and women in arts, 14.11.2002,19.30

In this film by Thomas Hausner women artists as contemporary witnesses relate how it was during the Nazi period. The film ranges from their every-day experiences to exhibition refusals and to the experience of the singer Esther Bejerano with its horror and suffering in a concentration camp.

Television Film by Bavarian Radio, Formerly….Women in art and culture,

In this film by Sybille Krafft women artists relate their experiences in a male dominated art-world. Marlene Neubauer-Woerner tells amusing stories of the difficulties that had to be overcome when one, often as the first woman, broke into the male world as student, colleague or competitor.